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Vice Chairman, Bengal Group Limited 
Executive Chairman, Bengal Communications Limited 
Executive Chairman, Nationwide Media Limited
After completing higher education from UK, Mr. Khair worked in various capacities in different concerns of Bengal Group. He joined satellite channel distribution and cable TV distribution business of Bengal Group in 2004. With his able leadership, satellite channel distribution business of Bengal Group has become one of the leaders in this business in South Asia. 

Mr. Khair envisaged the potential of cable TV business in Bangladesh and the importance it has in the development of ICT infrastructure for Bangladesh. He brought in seasoned professionals from different fields to the cable TV distribution business. Bengal Communications Limited (BCL) is the only Cable TV Service provider that has cable networks in different regions in Bangladesh. His time-befitting investments in acquisitions, technology, HR, re-engineering of business processes have made BCL a clear distant leader in cable TV business in Bangladesh in terms of business volume.


Chief Executive Officer, Bengal Group Limited

Ashfaria Khair completed her Masters in Accounting and Finance from Imperial College London in 2015. She graduated in Business Management from University of Manchester in 2013.

Ashfaria Khair joined Bengal Communications in 2015, as Director of Business Development & Coordination. She has been working for the development of Bengal’s digital CATV, OTT video delivery platform, IPTV and ICT business. She is also the Managing Director of Bengal Wellbeing, an initiative to promote healthier lifestyle, by opening up a franchise Pilates Studio.


Four (4) professional teams led by Executive Chairman are responsible for ensuring smooth operations of cable TV projects. Operations department consists of the following teams:

  • Technical Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Bill Collection Team
  • Customer Service Team

Skilled technical team of BCL is the main strength of BCL. At present total 281 employees are working from there 82 are in the technical team of BCL cable TV projects under the supervision of highly skilled and experienced Technical Head. BCL organizes different technical training (In house) for the capacity development of the technical and marketing team. Employees in different teams are as follows:


Overall Operations


Project In-charge


Executive, Admin


Technical Staff


Bill Collection




Customer Care (Technical)


Overall Accounts & Finance


Support Staff




Accounts In-charge (Project)


Executive Accounts (Project)

BCL is managing customers' complaints through service well managed Call Center. Presently Call Team consists by 3 executives. A call center solution namely "M-Centrix" of Grammenphone is being used to for Call Center operations. Presently, customer service of all the BCL projects except Dhaka Cantonment, Jahangirabad Cantonment and Classic Cable Network (CCN) is directly handled by the Call Center. In addition, Prisma Digital Network Limited (PDNL) is also taking the service from BCL's Call Center from January'2013.



Thomson Video Networks

Thomson Video Networks is the digital head-end system provider of Bengal Digital. Thomson Video Networks is a market leader in video delivery systems that provides a premium viewing experience across all networks, to all devices. For more than 20 years, THOMSON has driven the digital television revolution forward with our advanced compression and content delivery platforms.

A global leader in advanced video compression solutions, Thomson Video Networks helps media companies, video service providers, and broadcasters deliver superior video quality at the lowest possible bandwidth for contribution, terrestrial, satellite, cable, IPTV, and OTT services. Through Thomson Video Networks' ongoing commitment to innovation, customers are able to leverage emerging technologies, such as the new HEVC compression standard, for the efficient delivery of new video services, including multi-screen applications, to every platform, from small hand-held devices to Ultra HD screens.

Magnaquest Technologies

Magnaquest Technologies Limited is the Subscribers Management System (SMS) provider of Bengal Digital. Magnaquest has over twelve years of rich domain expertise in offering solutions to DTT, DTH, OTT, CableTV, MSO, ISP, IPTV and Triple Play Operators. They have 180+ satisfied customers in over 25+ countries.

Services, Pricing, Promotions and Discounts can be defined by Subscriber type, region, city etc. by using this SMS. It automates service activation, deactivation, compliant booking, management, prioritization and escalations. System has a basic set of reports readily available which can be used by customer. Any new reports required can be generated by customer themselves.


Nagravision is a company of the Kudelski Group that develops conditional access systems for digital cable and satellite television. The name is also used for their main products, the Nagravision encryption systems.

Cable infrastructure, in particular hybrid fibre coax (HFC) networks, gives cable operators a strong advantage over the competition, be this satellite, telecom or over-the-top service providers. However, cable operators need integrated multiscreen media solutions to fully leverage this advantage. NAGRA can help by providing a fully integrated, multiscreen media solution for Cable operators, tailored to their needs. 

Bengal Digital is using Nagravision's conditional access system for content security and service authorization.